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Please sign the Green Gloves pledge against the commercialisation of GM
crops. Please forward to all your friends who might be interested.


See below or sign-on at

"This is Iraq Mark 2: there is no supporting evidence… the public don't
like it and the Government seems determined to overrule all opposition."
Former Environment Minister
Michael Meacher on GM Crops.

After five years of massive public opposition to GM and a nationwide public
debate, Tony Blair will decide in October whether to allow
commercial growing of GM crops.

There's every indication that he'll ignore the results of the public debate
and even the advice of his own economic advisors. Planting could begin as
early as spring next year, contaminating our countryside with GM. That
would please a handful of powerful
corporations and the US government but bulldoze democracy.

If Tony Blair gives the green light for GM, then a nation of gardeners will
put on their gardening gloves, take GM crops out of the ground and make
sure that the people have the last word on protecting our future.

You are invited to join with others who have signed the Green Gloves
Pledge, overleaf. This is a pledge to take, or support others who take,
non-violent action to prevent genetic pollution and its damage to life and
livelihoods. You will be acting in the public interest
with the support of many others. The number of people signing the pledge
will indicate to the government how many people are willing to actively
defend nature and democracy. It will remind Tony Blair where real power
finally lies: with the will of the people. Perhaps, just perhaps, he might
even listen.

Some facts

•Only 14% of the British public support GM food
(MORI, June 2003)
•All UK supermarkets have told the government they will
not use GM foods in the foreseeable future
•The government’s own economic review concluded that
there was no benefit in the near future from growing GM
crops and that organic and non-GM crops would be
•The head of the committee overseeing the government's
public debate on GM, involving over 20,000 people,
reported that the results are overwhelmingly against GM
•Only 4 countries worldwide grow 99% of all GM crops: the
US, Canada, Argentina and China. GM farmers there are
seeing problems.
•In New Zealand over 3000 people signed a similar Green
Gloves Pledge in 12 weeks. New Zealand currently has an
official moratorium on growing GM crops, as do increasing
numbers of countries around the world.

The Green Gloves Pledge
"If the UK government gives the go-ahead to
commercialise the growing of GM crops against
the overwhelming wishes of the British public,
I pledge to non-violently remove GM crops
from the ground or support those who take
action to remove GM crops"
I am signing this pledge because…
Name : ______________________________
Address :
Postcode : ______________________________
Telephone : ______________________________
Email : ______________________________
Signature : ______________________________
Date : ______________________________

NB: These details will be kept secure and not disclosed to
third parties (Data Protection Act).

Send this pledge to :
Green Gloves, 16B Cherwell Street, Oxford OX4 1BG

You can also join the Green Gloves Pledge in these ways:

1. online at:
2. email your name, address and postcode to :
pledge at g...
3. by text/sms: send the following text message :
EMAIL pledge at g... I will join the
green gloves pledge <your name> <your address>
<your postcode> <your email>
to: 00 3933 3477 4753 (text message only)

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