Sidcup Allotment action

Tony Gosling tony at
Wed Jun 11 17:36:04 BST 2003

I am contacting you on behalf of a wonderful lady that I met, called Rita. 

She is raising concern for a local conservation project, which I thought
you might be able to help, or offer some kind of assistance. I understand
that you are a busy person and may not be able to take an active role, but
with your extensive knowledge you may be able to shed a ray of light on
procedure, or course of action Rita could follow. As a former student I
appreciate you environmental stand on issues of this variety, and thought
that you would be the ideal person that Rita could discuss further ideas in
pursuing with her plight. 

 She has been campaigning to save local Longlands allotments in the Sidcup
area. The local council has designs upon the land; claiming that they are a
dead space and that they are no longer of need. If this piece of greenery
was to be engulfed than Sidcup would slowly become an expanse of inner

Rita is enthusiastic to preserve the green influences of the area. She
desires to keep it as a green community area, with prospects for a
tranquility garden for the older generations and ideas for the area would
be appreciated. 

 Wishing to bring your attention to the issue, in the hope that some how
the University could perhaps use part of the non-occupied site in
connection with the Architecture and Landscape training exercises. If this
is an unlikely of happening, then maybe there is some other college or
association that would be interested in conserving or even better able to
use the site proposed, that you might know of. 

 There is a Sidcup community group meeting on 27th Feb 2003 at 7.30pm in
the Green room, rear of Emmanuel Church Hall (on Sidcup main Rd, sorry
about the short notice). 

It would be much appreciated if you could attend and help fight the council
from turning this underdeveloped environmental opportunity onto a quick
commercial profit margin for the council�s coffers. 

I will enclose Rita�s contact details if you would like further information; 

Telephone 0208 300 5122 

rgrootendorst at 

If you could please find the time in contacting her regarding this matter,
to show that her efforts of awareness have not fallen aren�t upon deaf ears
(like those at the council). 

Thank you for caring and your time, 

Miss A. Makrakis 

and Miss K. Makrakis 

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