Traveller Law reform bill just out

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Fri May 9 14:39:56 BST 2003

Traveller Law Reform Bill
This is the text of the Traveller Law Reform Bill, as introduced in the Hou=
se of Commons on 7th May 2003.

Traveller Law Reform Bill

1 The Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Commission
2 General functions
3 Duty to facilitate site provision
4 Provision of sites by local authorities
5 Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Programmes
6 Accommodation Programmes as material considerations
7 Guidance
8 The rights and duties of gypsies and travellers
9 Non-discrimination
10 Traveller Education Plans
11 Grants for the education of gypsies and travellers
12 Grants in respect of special provisions for ethnic minorities
13 Eligibility for registration as a social landlord
14 Housing Corporation funding for caravan site construction
15 Security of tenure on public gypsy and traveller sites
16 Protection from eviction and harassment
17 Land in the ownership of public authorities
18 Repeals
19 Wales
20 Financial provision
21 Short title,commencement and extent
Schedule 1 —Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Commission
Schedule 2 —Health,safety and community code of conduct for gypsies and tra=
Schedule 3 —Repeals
Bill 102 53/2

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