A Country House near London

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Sat May 10 14:53:19 BST 2003

A Country House near London (within the M25) 
author: Camden Autonomists 
Posted: Thursday 08 May 2003 

Ideal Country House for some Ideal weather? What do people think? 
Shall we open one? JUST DO IT!  

Nestled away within a quiet corner of Far North East London, near to 
Chingford, but surrounded by lakes, parks and woods, there is a 
dilapidated old mansion set in a couple of acres of mixed woodland 
(BIG coniferous trees) and overgrown (plantable) lawn. The house is 
falling down, in one wing, but this can easily be sectioned off. 
Other wings need a lot of work, but the real attraction can be the 
big gardens and surrounding open spaces. Treehouses in the trees, 
benders in the woods, camping, parties and BBQs on the lawn... 

Anyone interested in a site visit next sunday? if so let us know. Ta! 
camdenautonomists at microsuxx.com 

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