Govt's New Energy White Paper commits to greater sustainability in construction

tliouk office at
Tue May 27 14:30:13 BST 2003

The government's new Energy White Paper ("Our energy future - 
Creating a low carbon economy") includes a commitment to greater 
funding for renewables and for higher building standards. The 
government intends to set up a Better Buildings summit, to bring 
together representatives from housebuilders, the Housing Corporation, 
the construction industry and others, to consider how best to improve 
all aspects of sustainability in construction.

Our energy future - creating a low carbon economy
>From heating and lighting to transport, industry and communications, 
energy is fundamental to almost everything we do. We expect it to be 
available whenever we want it, to be affordable, safe and 
environmentally sustainable. Because energy requires very long-term 
investment we look ahead to 2050 to set the overall context.
The white paper has been formulated through wide consultation and 
analysis. Key supporting documents are published at the site, 
alongside the white paper and summary.

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