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Calling all Diggers,

Kevin Cahill was talking land reform on Radio 4 today - 
His book Who Owns Britan can be found here if Simon (01460 249204) doesn't have copies.

Tony Gosling - 0117 944 6219


Sixty million of us own just 6% of the country - a situation which hasn't changed much in centuries. But now radical land reform in Scotland, and the Countryside and Rights of Way Act in England and Wales, is giving the public more access to land. Andy Wightman, an expert and campaigner on Scottish land reform, journalist Tim Luckhurst, and Lord Peel, owner of the Grinton Estate in North Yorkshire, give us their views.

BBC say you can listen to it:

And I found this complaint by Kevin upheld against his last BBC outing.

Matters of Fairness and Accuracy

Unfair treatment of the complainant

1. Countryfile, BBC1, 7 October 2001

The complaint:
Mr Kevin Cahill complained that the programme had failed to honour an agreement to mention his forthcoming book, "Who Owns Britain", in a report in which he appeared, and which was based on the research in the book.

The report clearly established Mr Cahill's expertise in the field of land ownership, and mentioned more than once that the list of landowners was the result of 10 years' research. However, because of a failure of communication within the programme team, it did not mention Mr Cahill's book in the way which had been agreed.

Further action:
The programme team have been re-briefed about the importance of communicating commitments to colleagues and sticking to them.

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