Twyford Down - Seige Underway NOW!!

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Mon Nov 10 20:47:42 GMT 2003

Twyford Down - Seige Underway NOW!! 
It's started, and they're asking for as many people as possible to 
get there now!
Please spread the word, they want lots of media attention.

The site is off Bar End Road, which is an extension of Chesil Street 
that leads from the King Alfred statue out of the city. It's about a 
mile and half from the railway station. 

If you are coming by road, come off the M3 at junction 10 and head 
for St Catherine's park and ride site, which is next to the proposed 
Bar End park and ride site.

Its easy to find, for more info phone 07764 633 056

(Message from last week)
>From King Arthur:
"Eviction This Weekend 
The Council have leafletted the cars in the existing park and ride 
and are closing it this week end, which will mean the protest site 
will be completely issolated.  Therefore we need to reinforce by 

They are bringing heavy plant on and plan to open the new facility 
on Monday.

All that stands between them is a handful of protesters, some 
tunnels and a single arial walkway.

Its easy to find, for more info phone 07764 633 056

Ten years ago part of the A33 was given to the people of Winchester 
in part compensation for the loss of downland caused by the M3 
Twyford extension.

What was once a road was given back to nature and was turned to 
beautiful meadow land.

This same land is now being turned in to a park and ride facility.

It can just as easily be returned to meadowland.
City, County and National councils and Government lied to the people 
of Winchester.

And the council's and government officials are called upon to adhere 
to their pledges

We will resist "

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