call for land lovers

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Thu Oct 23 16:23:12 BST 2003

Dear TLIO folks,
This is just a note to say thanks for letting us use the TLIO yurt for a bit
while we get ourselves onto the land. We are all just starting putting up
the frames of our dwellings (made from Tinkers Bubble timber and straw and
earth with turf roofs) we should be finished soon and hope that we won't
have too much trouble from the planners.
I also writing to ask if there is anyone who might be willing to come down
to lovely Dorset for a bit to give us a hand house building or tree and
fruit planting, we could put you up and feed you well (we are right next to
the sea!). We are all getting a bit stressed out about getting set up with a
warm place for the winter with the kids and we are planting a hectare of
woodland and a hectare of orchard this fall.
For those of you who don't know four folks (Jyoti, Dai, Olly and Kerry) from
the Bubble bought 43 acres of land to set up a low-impact two family farm in
Dorset. We hope to grow lots of local, organic veg/fruit, plant woodland,
keep some livestock, make traditional crafts and set up a campaigning office
to work on farming/globalisation issues.
So if you can spare any time give me a call at Five Penny Farm 07786 434716.
Thanks alot,

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