Only pre-enclosure village left in England

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The village of Laxton in Nottinghamshire is the only village left in
England that has not been subject to land enclosure. It still operates on
the fundamental principles of the medieval 'open field system'.

This land has never been 'privatised'. That means there is a general right
to roam around the village - and that the village 'lands' are managed by a
'court leet' committee that meets in the local pub, The Dovecote Inn. The
pub also has a reputation around the Newark area for excellent home cooked
food and is a popular eat out venue.

The village is part of the Crown estate and has two visitor centres/museums
which give a brief insight into the way the land is managed and owned in

Why not visit Laxton before the summer's out? 

call the Dovecote Inn for more details 01777 871586
or Kathy Hayward at the Crown Estate 0207 210 4337

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