Devon ecovillage meetup

Tony Gosling tony at
Mon Apr 26 12:48:54 BST 2004

To camp out in Devon
Fri 28th to Sun 30th may 2004

Would you like to develop a sustainable lifestyle?
What are your priorities? 

1. Perhaps you are dreaming owning land to attain a degree of

2. Do you long for like~minded community? 

3. Maybe you intend building your own eco~friendly home! 

Most of us want all three and more. 
If you would like to meet others in similar circumstances and have the time
to talk through some of the nitty~gritty details of furthering your ideas
then come and camp out for a weekend.

You will need to bring everything with you~
i.e. shelter, food, utensils, wellies, torch, spade, etc

most importantly
your priorities (it seems to be the thing that shapes
and drives any group forward)

Details from and queries to~
Hazel 01935 881112
hazelberry at


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