Aug 22nd Rally in support of Paynes Lane Travellers site

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Fri Aug 6 10:51:14 BST 2004

Plans for the Paynes Lane rally on Sunday, 22nd August (starts 11 am) 
are now fairly far advanced. 

Paynes Lane is at Lower Nazeing, in Epping area, near M25. Nearest 
station Broxbourne -which is easy walking distance. 

Part of it will be burning of a bender-tent and dedication of 
Memorial Field to the Romani victims of the Holocaust 
and present-day neo-facist groups (BNP now has three members on Epsom 
council, with manifesto to evict Gypsies) 

The Commemoration is worldwide, marking the 60th anniversary of the 
liquidation -after a desperate fight - of the Gypsy Camp at Auschwitz 
on the night of 2 and 3 August l944. 

A field of several hundred black binbags, each with the name of a 
victim on it, will be laid out like a cemetery - and a service 
conducted by Baptist Minister dedicating the ground to the memory of 
the 600,000 Roma dead. 

Double purpose: to commemorate the victims and to create a moral 
minefield for the local council - which has through the courts 
ordered the owners of the land, Harry and Linda Smith, to leave on 
Monday, 23rd August (some people are staying over in tents for 

There will also be an Expo about the Holocaust and current neo-Nazi 
murders - 300 documented such killings since l989. 

More info call 01206 523 528 
Grattan Puxon 
Roma Federation 

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