Announcing the real 'Delivering Sustainable Communities' conference

Gerrard Winstanley evnuk at
Wed Dec 1 17:16:30 GMT 2004

The real 'Delivering Sustainable Communities' conference

The ODPM's ultra=pricy 'delivering sustainable communities' conference
can be found here

The ODPM and the conference organisers' are continuing to ignore our
letters asking for the £765.00 fee to be made affordable. There seems
to be agreement amongst people I've spoken to that some form of
alternative one or two day gathering in Manchester is in order - to 
1. talk about the real things in the way of sustainable ecovillage
living and
2. have some form of protest to disrupt the official conference and
make our presence felt despite their attempt, at the taxpayers'
expense, to exclude us.

We will be meeting here at the EVN-UK offices at 10 Picton Street,
Bristol to discuss tactics and to book a venue on Sunday 12th
December. If you can't make it please send me your
suggestions/contacts by then. Suggestions also for speakers to invite
We might even invite one or two of the speakers from rich people only
conference nearby ;-)

Some of you may have noticed that our campaign to get a sustainable
entry fee at the government's 'Delivering Sustainable Communities'
summit got a mention in the Guardian last week.


Eco sounding 
John Vidal
Wednesday November 24, 2004

Cashing in,7843,1357646,00.html

Deputy prime minister, John Prescott, is planning a glitzy
"sustainable communities" summit in Manchester, in January. Hooray,
but by pitching the price at £765 for four days, it excludes those who
already live in low-impact eco villages - some of whom are eager to
attend and tell of their experiences. The Ecovillage Network UK has
asked Prescott to set a lower entry fee for people who can prove they
already live in sustainable communities, but so far has heard nothing.
More information on: 0117 373 0346.

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