Local Works Campaign Requires Urgent Support

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Local Works Campaign Requires Urgent Support
Sent out by: Sheffield campaigner, 10.12.2004 
Ref: https://publish.indymedia.org.uk/en/2004/12/302590.html

Please join the Local Works Campaign aimed at stopping the current 
trend to end the provision of local services and facilities which is 
turning Britain into a "ghost Britain". 

This is a Bill to require government departments and public bodies 
to take certain steps and involve certain persons when they propose 
to end the provision of local services and facilities; to require 
companies that own public houses to take steps to enable direct 
delivery of beers to them; to require local planning authorities to 
take into consideration schemes for the retention of services or 
facilities before granting change of use applications; and for 
connected purposes.

1-page ballot day letter with easy instructions - copied below

The 2- pages Bill which needs further support from MPs, can be found 
at: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/media/2004/12/302592.pdf


-------- Original Message -------- 
Subject: Urgent Local Works Campign Update - Local Services and 
Facilities Bill 
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 14:05:55 -0000 
From: Stephen Shaw 

Dear Local Works Supporter 


I have been on the phone to a journalist from the Independent who 
quietly informed me that a number of MPs who were drawn in the 
ballot last Tuesday are seriously considering taking up our bill! 

This has been because they have received so many requests from 
individuals just like yourselves, so to all who have already written 
well done and thankyou very much. 

But now we must redouble our efforts in order to have the best 
chance of securing the bill in Parliament this session. So please, 
if you have not already, write to the MPs in the ballot (I have 
attached the initial letter we sent you with all the details). If 
you have already written please ask friends, family, colleagues etc 
(the postman, the milkman, your hairdresser) and anyone else you can 
to please write to the MPs as well. If you are a constituent of an 
MP on the list then you writing would be /very /effective. 

Attached is the bill and the original letter you were sent which has 
the 20 MPs on. You can forward this to your friends and contacts. 

Best wishes and happy Christmas campaigning! 


Dear Local Works supporter


On Thursday 2nd December 20 MPs were drawn in the Private Members 
Ballot in Parliament.. This means they have a chance to introduce a 
Bill into Parliament.  As my recent letter explained, we want them 
to choose the Local Services and Facilities Bill.  They can make up 
their mind at any time, so before they do so, please write to them 
urgently and ask them to `adopt the Local Services and Facilities 
Bill' giving a few reasons.  They will have a copy. 

·	MOST IMPORTANTLY - If your MP has been drawn please write to 
him/her immediately. Please state that you are one of their 
constituents. Also please urge every friend, family member, work 
colleague etc who also lives in your constituency to do the same. 
(to find out who your MP is go to http://www.locata.co.uk/commons or 
call House of Commons Information on 020 7219 4272)

·	2nd priority - Write to the top 7 MPs in the list below. 
These are the MPs who will have the best chance of taking our Bill 
through its stages and seeing it become made law. 

·	3rd priority - If you still have time please write to the 
other 13 MPs. They may still have a chance of taking a Bill through 
the Parliamentary process so your pressure will still be valuable.

The address for MPs is House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA – and 
please note that you will need separately stamped envelopes for each 
MP if you write to more than one. The House of Commons will not pass 
on letters included in a large envelope.  Sorry – we don't make the 

Many thanks for your action and enthusiasm: together we can see this 
bill become law!

Ron Bailey
Campaign Organiser

MPs drawn in the ballot:
1. Patrick Mercer (Conservative, Newark)
2. Nigel Evans (Conservative, Ribble Valley)
3. Stephen Hepburn (Labour, Jarrow)
4. Julie Morgan (Labour, Cardiff North)
5. Kevin Barron (Labour, Rother Valley)
6. Kevan Jones (Labour, North Durham)
7. Sir Paul Beresford (Conservative, Mole Valley)
8. Michael Weir (Scottish National Party, Angus)
9. Marsha Singh (Labour, Bradford West)
10. Gerald Howarth (Conservative, Aldershot)
11. Andrew Stunell (Liberal Democrat, Hazel Grove)
12. Neil Gerrard (Labour, Walthamstow)
13. Stephen Pound (Labour, Ealing North)
14. Tony Baldry (Conservative, Banbury)
15. Ian Cawsey (Labour, Brigg and Goole)
16. Roger Williams (Liberal Democrat, Brecon and Radnorshire)
17. Ann Taylor (Labour, Dewsbury)
18. Geraint Davies (Labour, Croydon Central)
19.  Alan Williams (Labour, Swansea West)
20.  Peter Bradley (Labour, The Wrekin)

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