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George george at
Fri Dec 31 10:37:26 GMT 2004

Hi all,

As many of you are aware (I hope), I'm running a campaign against the 
expansion of quarrying close to Britain's largest ancient ritual 
monument - the Thornborough Henges in North Yorkshire.

The Thornborough Henges are a collection of monuments known as a 
complex, dating back to 3,500 BC. These include some monuments that 
are scheduled and others that are not, together with the land that 
these monuments sit in.

Tarmac Northern Ltd, a subsidiary of Anglo American Plc (Britain's 
4th largest conglomerate) have decided that they wish to destroy as 
much of this complex as possible - they will quarry the entire area, 
leaving those few monuments protected by law as islands surrounded by 
man-made lakes.

As a result of this development, close on to 250 cows will be 
consigned to the fattening sheds, because the quarry will destroy 100 
acres of good quality arable land. A great deal of important 
archaeology will be lost and an important habitat on the margins of a 
nature reserve will be destroyed.

Please sign my petition:

We can win this - one in the eye for a globalist company that 
supported apartheid.

More informatrion can be found here:


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