Blackwood Update & Nine Ladies

Rowan ladyrowan100 at
Sun Feb 29 16:48:29 GMT 2004

Word is that a team of 36 chainsaws will be at Blackwood soon.

Don't know exactly when, but they're appealing for as many people as 
possible to stop them, the numbers there at the moment don't stand 
much of a chance against 36!

With that number of chainsaws the trees will all be destroyed very 
quickly, and before the European Court has a chance to decide on 
this development.

So once again, people desperately needed ASAP, for a day or for 
longer, as many as possible for as long as possible!

Word is also that Blackwood will be evicted before the same team 
move on to evicting Nine Ladies - so the longer Blackwood keeps 
going the better all round.


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