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Hi all,

   It's cold, its a long way but ....

  We're not going to stand by and let them throw 50 children out on the road
in midwinter.
  Will you join us - a "human shield" to stop this ethnic cleansing? We did it
at Woodside - let's do it again.

  John Lee on 07876664943 is appealing to anyone who can help stop the eviction on Monday morning (l2 Jan) at Bulkington, close to the M69
between Coventry and Leicester.

Right now he and 21 families, with 50 children, have barricaded their
land and dug ditches to stop the contractors and baliffs putting them
off onto the road.

If you can help please call John or myself at  01206 523 528
This is another WOODSIDE - some people are already planning to go up on
Sunday to help prepare.

Grattan Puxon
Trans-European Roma Federation

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