Travellers at Bulkington Fields, Warwickshire violently evicted on Wednesday morning.

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Fri Jul 2 15:22:49 BST 2004

In case people don't already know from Indymedia:

Travellers at Bulkington Fields, Warwickshire were violently evicted by Constant And Co bailiffs on Wednesday morning. 

Being kicked off land you own and live on - and having your dwellings destroyed and concrete obstructions to stop you getting vehicles onto your own land, or court injunctions to stop you going on your own land. The reason - officially because you haven’t got planning permission to live there, unofficially - because you are roma travellers and are being ethnically cleansed. 
This Wednesday (June 30th) 40 bailiffs from ‘gypsy and squatter eviction specialists’ Constant & Co - with the backup of 50 riot police - arrived at 7am to evict travellers off self-owned land at Bulkington Fields, Warwichshire. After booting the six families off the land, Constant destroyed the site with JCBs. 
Travellers can’t believe that Constant were used as bailiffs again because they are under investigation for arson at the violent eviction at the Meadowlands site in January this year. (see SchNEWS 439). 
To support other traveller sites under threat there will be a rally at the Paynes Lane site, in Epping Essex, on August 22nd at 11AM, followed by a convoy visiting other threatened self-owned sites around Essex. After the recent local elections the BNP got three new seats in the Epping area, putting the travellers under increased pressure. 

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