News from the High Court RE: the roundhouse

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Fri Jun 25 21:36:03 BST 2004

News from the High Court, Swansea, today (Friday 25th) regarding the action taken by Pembrokeshire National Park Planning Authority against Tony Wrench and Jane Faith, regarding their non-compliance with the enforcement notice to dismantle the roundhouse:

The result was pretty positive! Tony and Jane were fined only £150 each, and charged £250 costs - which are only a fraction of the cost that the National Park must have incurred to take this to the High Court. The judge was apparantly not too happy that the case had come to the High Court at-all!

This latest chapter, then, has been a waste of yet more public money, chasing after a forlorn hope for the NationalPark.

More news to follow, but in brief, 3 options seem likely to remain for Catherine Milner and her cronies:
1). Letting bygones be bygones, so letting the roundhouse remain
2). Taking out a default with the local magistrates (i.e. getting legal authorisation to use balifs to remove Tony and Jane from their home).
3). Taking out an Injunction against Tony and Jane, which could entail legal proceedings against them both

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