PHANTOM CONSERVATION VOLUNTEERS' 2nd Big Day Out - Brighton, 21st March

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Fri Mar 5 11:43:05 GMT 2004

Action-Call Out!!!


Spring Equinox - Sunday March 21st

Meet 11am: Brighton Station

In January we helped local people to reclaim Toad's Hole Valley on the edge of Brighton, after years of neglect and hostility from the landowner. Now we're venturing further into the heart of our Downland. Our secret destination is high up close to popular parts of the South Downs Way. It is a perfect picnic spot and sheltered wildlife haven, inhabited by hares and badgers, orchids and butterflies. However the land has been neglected by the farmer and we have been unjustly banned from using it for decades. We will be clearing scrub from the flower-rich pasture and reasserting our right to enjoy this landscape.

* Bring strong gardening gloves and tools (bow saws, loppers, shears) - although we will supply these if you don't have them.

* Wear tough old gardening clothes, work boots, safety glasses (if possible).

* Bring picnic food and drink to share

* Bring waterproofs or sun-tan lotion depending on the weather - we're born optimists!

Come & join the newly risen Phantom Conservation Volunteers (PCV) & the Friends of Toad's Hole (FOTH) out in force on the Valleyside to help:
Pick up litter
Cut back invading scrub & bramble to stop it taking over the grassy areas
Demonstrate that the Valley is ours
Demonstrate that the Valley should be in the National Park

Officially we are trespassing so wear your ghost kit (ghosts can go anywhere they want) - if you've got one

Children - sorry, but you must come with an adult. Haunt them into coming !!

More on what the day of action to reclaim Toad's Hole Valley in January:

This was a clean-up event on Toad's Hole to say:

This Valley must be in the new South Downs National Park
This Valley should not be developed as an industrial estate
We don't want the Valley to be neglected anymore

This Valley is the nature reserve, playspace, & local countryside for the people of the Hangleton Estate & Goldstone Valley.

For too long it has been mis-used by its private owners  - who try & keep local people off, & ban the Council from doing the work necessary to keep it open & conserve its wildlife 

For too long Brighton & Hove Council looked greedily on the Valley as development land

Now we've persuaded the Council to recommend that the Valley should be in the new National Park

We wanted to keep the Council to their word !!

Our message was to tell the private owners to stop trespassing on our open space & take their horrible "KEEP OUT" signs down.

We succeeded in telling the owners to let us, & the Council, back to do the conservation work that was agreed.

THE PHANTOM CONSERVATION VOLUNTEERS (PCV) are set up to work on wildlife & countryside sites that landowners refuse to look after. Contact: Ghostly Dave on:  01273 620 815

THE FRIENDS OF TOAD'S HOLE VALLEYSIDE (FOTH) are set up to save the Valley as open Downland for local people & all lovers of the Downs. Contact: (another) Dave on:  078 792 88 550

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