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Subject: Journal of Agrarian Change Land Reform debate

The Journal of Agrarian Change
Edited by: Henry Bernstein & Terence J. Byres

FREE ARTICLES from the Journal of Agrarian Change Land Reform debate In 
2002 Journal of Agrarian Change published "Poverty and the Distribution of 
Land" by Keith Griffin et al., in which a theoretical case was made for 
truly radical redistributive land reform that would eliminate rural 
poverty. This article sparked a debate which resulted in a subsequent 
special issue entitled "Redistributive Land Reform Today." Keith Griffin et 
al's rejoinder will be published in volume 4 issue 3.

Two articles from the debate are currently available FREE online:

Poverty and the Distribution of Land Keith Griffin, Azizur Rahman Khan and 
Amy Ickowitz Volume 2 Issue 3

Introduction: Contextualizing and Interrogating the GKI Case for 
Redistributive Land Reform Terence J. Byres Special Issue: Volume 4 Issues 
1 and 2

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Agrarian Change is a journal of agrarian political economy. 
It promotes investigation of the social relations and dynamics of 
production, property and power in agrarian formations and their processes 
of change, both historical and contemporary. It encourages work within a 
broad interdisciplinary framework, informed by theory, and serves as a 
forum for serious comparative analysis and scholarly debate.

As well as original research, the journal features review articles and 
essays and a substantial book review section. Occasional special thematic 
issues are published.

Selected Highlights:

Plantation Slavery and Economic Development in the Antebellum Southern 
United StatesCharles Post

The Question of Market Dependence
Ellen Meiskins Wood

 From Peasant studies to Agrarian Change
Henry Bernstein and Terence J. Byres

Full tables of contents and links to abstracts are available at:

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