"A real need" housing aspect overlooked ... re: Roundhouses

wdy aalark at yahoo.com
Fri May 28 02:51:49 BST 2004

   I would like to pick out and chew on a couple of sentences.

   "The park authority has always maintained that although it was 
committed to the environment, the roundhouse contravened its planning 
policy. It insisted that a dwelling could not be built in the park 
unless there is a real need ..." 

   Well, we have in our present society many individuals, who have 
been chemically injured ... most people claim they don't know much 
about it. But in fact, know a lot more, once some facts are placed 
beside each other, ie. Sheep Dip Disease/Syndrome, Closed Building 
Syndrome, Gulf War Syndrome, M.E., Multiple Chemical Senisitivity are 
but a few of the names given to people who have to avoid exposures to 
many chemicals, drugs, combustibles, etc. It is a fact WHO, World 
Health Organization has given a figure of the extent of the 
problems ... one billion people, there was no mistake on that, a 

   For some of the sufferers, any exposure is too much, hence "the 
boy in the bubble" ... some try to build special housing only to find 
some physical components used in the house construction give rise to 
adverse medical reactions. So some individuals now live on cliff 
edges to total avoid for "the only effective treatment is avoidance". 

   Should not some of these individuals, living on extreme margins of 
our society, with this disorder, be given a chance to see if these 
low impact dewellings can met some of their medical needs not 
addressed by councils, or adequate in normal housing?

Need some references: 
See article in Guardian Review last weekend, May 20 & 21, 2004 [have 
not read it myself yet, having too many medical problems to go to the 
library to see it myself, but been told about it];
<www.mcsinternational.org> UK; want to look at the leading medical 
theory on fatique, M.E. and MCS  ... follow Prof. Martin Pall, 
Washington State University in U.S. "nitric oxide" [put his 
name "Martin Pall" into Google]; see a list of 600 plus peer reviewed 
articles [updated only to 1999] <www.mcsrr.org>; want only the 
housing detail, come and hear a research specialist, Dr. Virginia 
Salares, Canada Mortgage and Housing, at the third MCS International 
Conference, February 2005, in London; Want previous speeches, from 
other years, MCS International, 


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