Events on Landrights within and outside the ESF (Fri 15th to Sunday 17th Oct)

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Events on Landrights within and outside the ESF:

Workshop: Plotting Against Industrial Agriculture
At Beyond ESF, Venue: Middlesex Uni, Tottenham Campus, (White Hart Lane is the nearest overground station).
15.00 - 16.30 Room: A110
Description: information and experience sharing for those active/interested
in community food growing.
Discussion topics may include comparisons/contrasts between community food
growing in different European
regions; between urban/ rural areas. also, to what extent can community food
growers play a role in wider
anti-capitalist struggles/ movement?
Group: Organiclea Workers Co-Op
Theme: Autonomy & Struggle

Full 5 day programme at

At the ESF
Seminar Title: Land Rights - equitable access to land and resources in Europe and the Global South 
Item no. 2024
Day, time and venue: Saturday 7-9pm, Woomera, Alexandra Palace

Organisers: Henry George Foundation; Labour Land Campaign; FIAN; CPE, La Via Campesina Peasants/Representatives from Europe and Brasil will share their experiences in order to explore different approaches to land/resource access, use, ownership and taxation - including Agrarian Reform, the Right to feed oneself and resource rentals. 

Friday 15th Oct
Housing Policy
Title: "Filling the Vacuum"
Ethics, Ecological Living, Affordahility, Social Co-ownership, RECOMMENDATIONS TO GOVERNMENT

Chaired by Antonia Swinson with contributers include: Robina Rafferty MBE on Housing Justice, Rev Peter Challen of CCMJ on Monetary Justice, Iqbal Asaria, Chairman of the Economics Committee of the Muslim Council of Great Britain on Ethical Finance, Professor Sian Griffiths of the Royal College of Physicians on the Effects of Housing Stress on Health, Bill Dunster of the BedZED Housing Project on Ecological Living, Toby Lloyd of the Henry George Foundation on Land, Affordable Housing, and Taxation, David Rodgers of Common Ground on Cooperative Housing Development, Chris Cook & Bill Powell of Partnerships Consulting on Strategies for Common Ownership.
Professor Peter Ambrose of the Zacchaeus 2000 Trust will draw the conclusions of afternoon working groups together on the Political, Practical and Academic steps needed to achieve a Fair Housing Policy.
Entry by sliding scale: =A35-=A3150.

Workshops on LAND
- The Commons: Public/Private/Social Ownership
- Land and Buildings
- Land Value Taxation, Henry George Foundation, Fred Harrison, Don Riley - "Taken for a Ride"

(it's not clear from website when these are).


Dear Friends
LETS Co-operate has now become part of a much bigger venue, called The Solidarity Village which now has about seventy workshops! We are expecting thousands of visitors to come to London for the ESF.

Solidarity Village: Conway Hall (Red Lion Square) and LSE Clement House, Aldwych, 13-17th October 2004, holistic practitioners, vegans, small-holders, green and pagan activists, anthropologists, home-schoolers, fair-traders, artists and performers are co-operating to show that "Another Economy is Possible".  Spaces include The Land Cafe, Wellbeing Space, Artspace for Kids of All Ages (Creche), Local Social Forums Area, and "The Commons" Internet Cafe.  SUSTAIN! includes story-board presentations, leaflets and stalls. Programme highlights: Friday: "Filling the Vacuum" (on affordable housing); "LETS Dance" with Basque Country street musicians, "Rethinking Social Policy" (new documentaries by Women Film Makers), and the LSE Debate: "Iraq, Democracy and Global Civil
>Society". Saturday: "Dalinowa" exhibition/forum on the Impact of
>Globalisation on Local Cultures, "The Moon Room", "Pagan Magikal
>Activism", "Lets Co-operate" Open Space with "Lets Play LETS", "Tools
>for Change", "Altruistic Economics", "Disability Awareness", and open
>Human Rights plenary with death row survivors.  Sunday: Local
>Neighbourhood Forum, "New Forms of Democracy" Debate, "Creating the
>Commons" (Open Source) Question Time, and screening of rough-cut ESF Video.  Entrance by donation: (=A310 membership +=A310/=A35 per day).
Bureau de Change sterling/euro/links. See:

We still have some spaces to fill: if you have not been able to find space for your event at the ESF please first study the booking charts on the website and see if you could join an existing event - contact the presenter direct if you are bringing a significant number of people with you, to make sure the room size is large enough.  If your topic is new or incompatible with what is already on offer, send in a new proposal to us and we will try to find space.   At the end of next week we will put everything together in a printed listing for the Solidarity Village:
Meanwhile please EMAIL your proposals including the following - we may provide a form, but do not wait for one: Preferred Venue/ Date/ Time/ Duration (or event for whichyou want to propose another speaker)
Existing Programme Heading where your proposal fits, or suggested new Programme Heading
- Title
- Name of proposed Speaker/s
- Summary of Content - full papers may be attached
- Type of Event: Plenary/ Seminar/ Workshop/ Contribution to Openspace
- Format: eg Performance/ Talk/ Discussion/ Training/ Video/ Poster Display/ Leaflets
- Special facilities required or particular matters you wish to draw to our attention
- Contact Person, Organisation, full mailing address, email addresses, website reference
> send to admin at

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