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**** View Tracy Worcester's documentary on BBC World for 5 days from 
Fri August 19th 2005 ****

Tracy Worcester's documentary "Gross National Happiness" shows how the
Royal Government of Bhutan is tying to curb rural to urban migration. 
Most governments across the world see their destitute farmers as cheap 
labour that give their industries the competitive edge in the global 

However, Bhutan has reversed their school curriculum's urban bias to
produce `educated farmers. To revitalize the local economy they give 
grants to increase and diversify crop production and boost traditional 

They have devolved power to local councils and are researching Gross
Domestic Happiness as a more inclusive measurement of progress than 

However, with many government ministers graduating in economics from
American Universities, they are increasingly becoming drawn into the 
global economy. Despite cries from farmers to be protected from cheap 
imported food in their markets, the politicians are considering 
joining the World Trade Organization. The body that will lock them 
into binding trade liberalization rules. Bhutan is at a cross roads. 
Either it signs up to the WTO rules that will give foreign 
Multinationals and investors total rights over their trade, resources 
and services or it forges a new development pattern that protects 
small producers and the environment against the vagaries of the global 

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