Life after Oil

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Tue Jul 5 12:29:36 BST 2005 (Cuba: Life after Oil)
452k but worth the download to see something so positive and optimistic (Peak Oil, peak Economy)
262k and not so optimistic...but sobering.
and, for the reinhabitors:
AND: Second US Conference on 'peak oil' and community solutions" 23-25 
Sept.2005, Yellow Springs Ohio (Start 
walking now)
"I don’t like machines,
which are neither mortal nor immortal,
though I am constrained to use them
(Thus the age perfects its clench.)
Some day they will be gone,
and that will be a glad and a holy day.
I mean the dire machines that run
by burning the world’s body and it’s breath.
When I see an airplane fuming
through the once-pure sky
or a vehicle of the outer space
with its little inner space
imitating a star at night,
I say, ‘Get out of there!’
as I would speak to a fox
or a thief in the henhouse.
When I hear the stock market has fallen,
I say, ‘Long live gravity!
Long live stupidity, error, and greed
in the palaces of fantasy capitalism!’ " --Wendell Berry

....But there is no glory in the threat of climate change. The story it 
tells us is of yeast in a barrel, feeding and farting until they are 
poisoned by their own waste. It is too squalid an ending for our 
anthropocentric conceit to accept." -- George Monbiot

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