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Wed Jul 20 18:00:26 BST 2005

hi all

I am researching for an article to do with Birmingham's Radical History. There's
quite a bit of info out there about the class struggles, riots (whether by
loyalists or republicans), universal suffrage, chartists and anti terrorist
legislation (called 'The Two Acts' if you're interested - aimed at banning
groups of more than 40 people gathering to plot and scheme)

There seems to be a big gap tho to do with specifically land related issues like
'how was birmingham formed - by whom and from what?', 'who threw who of the
land?' and more general info about squatters and selfbuilds . What i'm
wondering is were there any brummie diggers? or levellers?

I'm doing the article cos a few of us are doing a project called Brave new brum
, its a touring series of workshops looking a regeneration but with a post oil
emphasis on positive alternatives to market driven ideologies, like self
builds, renewables, permaculture all that cool stuff really.So an article about
the past might in some way engage people with their areas in the present So
basically if would be a great help if someone who had some more info on Brum
could give me a ring or email , totally appreciated :-)


phone: 07960589140 (i call you back)

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