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Please circulate widely...


Sunday October 23rd 2005   
11am - 5pm   

At The Resource Centre - 356 Holloway Road, London, N7 
(5 mins from Holloway tube.  Buses: 4, 17, 29, 43, 153, 253, 259, 271, 279 and X43)
  -  admission free

· to share experiences, and promote mutual aid & co-ordination among groups threatened by repressive laws
· to develop effective strategies for standing up for our freedom to protest against injustice and oppression


Any oppressive laws can be rendered unworkable through protest, non-co-operation and defiance.


We will not be silenced!

There are a whole range of repressive and outrageous measures increasingly being used by police and companies to try to intimidate and undermine all manner of protests - including peace and anti-war, anti-capitalist, Palestinian solidarity, environmental, workers, animal rights and other campaigns.

These measures include protests being banned, ASBOs against protestors, injunctions, police encircling and detaining protestors for hours on end, harassment from police 'intelligence' teams, road blocks to stop protests, and new threats from the government’s Serious Organised Crime and Police Act. 

Its time to stand up for everyone's freedom to leaflet, picket, assemble and march against injustice and oppression. Such rights and freedoms have not been handed down by the powers-that-be, but won through struggles over the last 100 years or more. 

There are many examples of campaigns and movements successfully refusing to be intimidated by legal threats. Oppressive laws can be made unworkable by determination and solidarity among those affected, by mass defiance, and by turning the tables on those who would try to silence and suppress dissent. 

This conference is being organised by campaigns and groups affected by the latest wave of repressive laws  we hope all such organisations and movements will send in messages of support, help publicise the event and encourage people to attend! 

Contact:  <mailto:conference at freedomtoprotest.org.uk>conference at freedomtoprotest.org.uk      www.freedomtoprotest.org.uk

Supporting groups include:  
McLibel Support Campaign, Campaign Against Criminalising Communities, Legal Defence and Monitoring Group, Privacy International, Parliament Square Peace Campaign and Brian Haw Supporters, Haringey Solidarity Group, Legal Action for Women, Rhythms of Resistance, Smash EDO Campaign, Speak - The Voice For Animals, Haringey Against ID Cards, FreeBEAGLES.org, Worthing eco-action

Wherever there is injustice or oppression, there is protest and resistance...


I / we support the Freedom To Protest conference 



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