motorsports 11th May

james armstrong james36armstrong at
Wed May 11 13:32:55 BST 2005

The Editor, B.B.C. 'You and Yours'

There is nothing stopping the  motor sports enthusiasts - I hear on your 
programme they are very numerous and  spend a lot of money  on both Land 
Rovers and hotel bills - from buying or renting a piece of land and 
organising their games on it.
It must be the land-owners who are putting up the 'Keep Out' signs- not  the 
Labour Government nor even the Department of Rural Payments, nor an agency 
of the C.A.P.  So it is surprising that the spokesperson of the Country Land 
and Business Association did  not explain this.

There is  much mis-informed comment surrounding farming  on air and in the 
press, This is not surprising since the official  term 'Single Farm Payment' 
is not a single payment (it is an annual payment) and it does not reward all 
  farmers , nor always farmers at all but , I understand, can be claimed and 
then traded on the open market.
james armstrong,  Dorchester
campaigning for The Land is Ours

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