Sustainable Rural Community Project Meeting, Thursday

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Tue Nov 15 14:02:02 GMT 2005

Hi All

Just a reminder and a shout out to people who may be interested. Please 
forward to relevant parties..

Sustainable Rural Community Project

Many activists around in London -and other UK towns & cities :) -, have at 
one time or another expressed
an interest in setting up a sustainable, rural community.

This is a face-to-face forum to try and put those people in contact
with each other and to share ideas, visions and experience.

Forming a community is a process involving people with a common
vision; this isn't going to happen in one meeting.

The range of communities which exist in the UK, (over 200) are as
varied as the people who created them.

This is a meeting to discuss our commonalities and to help each other
realise our dreams.

Potential discussion includes:-
- Types of communities
- Planning law/ self-build/eco-housing;
- Setting up a housing co-op:visions;
- Funding;
- Existing communities-what they do;
- Resources/networking;
- Social/domestic issues and conflict:
- Community -where, who and why: sustaining a community.

We would also like to invite people who have knowledge and/or
experience in areas relating to setting up a community and social/
financial models who are not necessarily thinking of joining one!

This is a DIY meeting, so please bring along ideas for discuss and
info. resources to share.

Online discussion has been going on at
join by sending a blank email to
<>communityforum_-subscribe at

This meeting is on
Thursday 17th November, 7:15pm

62, Fieldgate Street,
E1 1ES


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