Daily Express: Most of us long for life in the country

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Yes, an old article, but this deep rooted yearning is the fuel for
Britain's colossal second homes industry where so many of the rich are
spending their Christmas.
It was also used by Nazi idealogues behind the diabolical 'Lebensraum' and
'Blood and Soil' movements in the 1930s.

Most of us just long for life in the country
By Clare Gatzen
31st August 2006 - Daily Express p.6

TWO-THIRDS of Britons want to live in the countryside, according to a new
survey, published yesterday.

When 1,000 people were asked where they would ideally like to live 65 per
cent opted for a rural area. That equates to 39 million of the UK's 60
million population - more than three times the current rural population of
12 million.

The survey, by Country Life magazine, also claims that rural Britain is
under threat as never before and publishes a 10-point manifesto to save
the countryside. It includes more support for local producers - such as
making supermarkets stock more locally ¬produced food; countryside classes
in schools; making water metering compulsory; cutting pollution; bringing
back the village bobby, and culling introduced wildlife such as the grey
squirrel and American mink.

Country Life editor Mark Hedges said: "Rural Britain is undergoing its
greatest change since the agricultural revolution. "While traditional
farmers are failing, local producers are thriving. "Developers threaten
our treasured green fields, but there is not enough affordable housing.
''With two-thirds of the population saying they want. to live in the
countryside, it is clear that radical changes to current policy are needed


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