Derbyshire. Locals challenge privatisaton of Country Park

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Sun Feb 5 12:33:07 GMT 2006

The Friends of Elvaston (FOE) is campaigning to prevent the loss of Elvaston Castle Country Estate to private real estate developers or any other private companies proposed by Derbyshire County Council. The Friends wish to maintain and restore the Estate's listed buildings and gardens as a publicly accessible site, and run by a not-for-profit community trust. If you're interested in joining the campaign and helping to play an active supporting role in any way, or for more information, please contact us

Derbyshire County Council appears to be going ahead with its decision to sell a 99 year lease on Elvaston Castle Country Park, effectively
disposing of it. Highgate Sanctuary plans to build golf courses, an access
road, club houses, service buildings, a floodlit driving range, a hotel,
and residential units on the site and even when the lease expires in the
next Millenium, it is unlikely that the Park, much altered, would ever
again offer the public the amenities that it does at present. The County
Council's announcement that public access will remain unchanged is
misinformation which it thinks will smooth the path of its hand over to
the real estate developers.

As we foresaw this event sometime ago, The Friends of Elvaston Committee
engaged a legal team to represent the community in its battle to prevent
Derbyshire County Council from selling the lease without the mandate of
the general public, which it has so far, ignored.

Our legal advisors advised us to call for a Judicial Review and we have
set strong evidence against the County Council's lack of public
consultation before a judge at the High Court in London. However, these
actions require funding and the involvement of Barristers means that this
is not cheap. To fund Counsel's Opinion and insurances we need in the
region of £1000. We only have a short time period in which to act.

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