OUTSIDERS - The Peace Convoy

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An important film examining Britain's commitment to freedom and diversity
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OUTSIDERS - The Peace Convoy

a film by Martin Parry, 1986

This is the story of the struggles for Stonehenge Free Festival during
1985 and 1986. It also raises broader questions concerning society's
commitment to principles of freedom and diversity, and our treatment of
dissident and minority groups.

In an early example of 'embedded journalism' before the term was in vogue,
the filmmaker travels with and uncovers the values and motivations of a
group of travellers who originated in the 'Peace camps' of the 1980's,
including Molesworth and Greenham Common.

The film includes sequences shot from inside convoy 'runs', police
roadblocks, and the infamous 'Battle of the Beanfield', as well as
statements from the police and National Trust, residents in the Stonehenge
area and key figures in the free festival movement.

This is a lively film with a strong visual style, leavened by relevant
music from 'Talking Heads' and 'The Pagan Fringe.'

48 minutes DVD / VHS

Western Film Archive
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