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Thu Feb 23 14:28:40 GMT 2006

Hello TLIO List!

Having spoken with Mark I just wanted to mention a Civil Rights
'Freedom Weekend' event that is taking place on April 22nd and 23rd

The event, organised by the picnic campaign group, People In Common
involves an overnight camp at Runnymede [where the Magna Carta was
signed in 1215] on the 22nd April followed by a cycle/walk/train along
the river Thames all the way to a rendezvous at the Peace Pagoda in
Battersea Park and then on to Parliament Square for an Alternative St
Georges Day Party on the 23rd. This will include a public burning of
the Magna Carta in Parliament Square and a game of cricket for its
Ashes. This as a way to bring together lots of activists and members
of the public, have some fun and also to challenge the SOCPA*
Exclusion Zone that bans protest within 1km of the so-called House of

We're planning the route so it takes in St Georges Hill, Weybridge
which as I'm sure you know is where the Diggers set up their commune.
We want to do an action/tribute there, and it would be great to have
some of the members of the TLIO group on board for both the planning
of this and other aspects of the weekend. If any of you are
interested, check out the info on the link given below, and join the
mailing list or just drop me a line.

Also, if you can help promote it by putting a link on web-sites,
posting it on forums or putting up our poster it would be much

The overall theme of the weekend is Freedom, and the campaign to
repeal SOCPA*. Buut some of us have a much wider sense of the civil
rights agenda than merely repeal of SOCPA  at the moment the plan is
that the two main banners of the event will read "Down With SOCPA" and
"Reclaim the Commons".

*SOCPA stands for the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005
which is a piece of legislation chock full of authoritarian

Also there will be a benefit gig/event promotion night on 1st April in
central London, probably at 21 Russell Square. So, three dates for
your diaries!

Thanks for reading this message. The poster can be found at so if you want to print it
out you can.

And most definitely all feedback is very welcome.

Mark Barrett
0785 4390408
The picnic meets every Sunday in Parliament Square, on the Green at
around 1.30pm
For more info on Alternative St George please go to
Or join the list at
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