Tuesday's BBC2 land 'exposee'

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The 90 minute programme you will watch on Tuesday is based on my book 
"Who Owns Britain", not that this is acknowledged by the BBC, of course. 
The programme, originally called "Who Owns Britain" was acknolwdged in a 
letter by the BBC last year, to be based almost entirely on Who Owns 

Realising that they might have to pay real money if this was so, they re 
made the programme and in a fit of pique when I complained, changed the 
name a couple of monthgs ago. I am down in the credits as a "consultant" 
except I wasnt. I was deliberately lied to, and excluded from any part 
in the programme.

You will find that the last time the Forestry Commission published a 
report, it owned 2.5 million acres of forest. The Queen did not own 1% 
of the UK, she owns it all, etc, etc. and innumerable such like errors.

Watch it with care. I am told that Peter Snow, good public school chap 
that he is, says doesnt really care who owns Britain, which he would 
wouldnt he ?, since its his public school chums who hold the 69% of 
Britain that particularely interest yourselves.

Kevin Cahill, author Who Owns Britain

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Tuesday 10th January
9.00pm on BBC2 'til 10.30

Peter and his son, Dan Snow, lift the lid on how few of Britain's 60
million inhabitants own its 60 million acres of land.

They reveal that 90 per cent live on about 10 per cent of the land and
that homes are now a third smaller than previous generations'.

While the Forestry Commission is still the largest landowner, the
Church has sold off over a million acres in recent times; and Prince
Charles earns £36k a day from his Duchy of Cornwall land holdings and
property portfolio.

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