Globalising the planning system?

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Tue Jul 4 21:56:29 BST 2006

Probably lots about this in tomorrow's papers. The phrase that caught my eye 
was, "There is talk that Kate Barker will look to revise PPS6 and change the 
balance to make it easier for out-of- town retail development."

I think it's odds-on that they'll do nothing for ordinary mortals wanting to 
set-up eco communities.


Barker to seek reform of planning system

By Jenny Davey
The Times, July 4th 2006

BRITAIN’S town-planning system will come under fire today from a leading 
economist for being over-complex and impeding economic growth.

Kate Barker, who led a review in 2004 into Britain’s housing supply, will 
launch a strong attack on the Town & Country Planning Act.

In an interim review of the planning system, Ms Barker will say that there is 
a need to reform the 1990 Act to ensure that the UK meets the needs of the 
globalised economy.

The review will stop short of providing any detailed recommendations, which 
will come later this year. But property experts said that Ms Barker’s ideas 
could eventually trigger a radical overhaul of the system — most notably 
through revisions to PPS6, the planning guidance note on retail development, 
making it easier for big retailers to expand outside of town and city 
centres. Previously there has been tension within the Government over 
out-of-town developments.

One property industry source said: “There is talk that Kate Barker will look 
to revise PPS6 and change the balance to make it easier for out-of- town 
retail development.”

There are also suggestions that a special planning board might be set up to 
deal specifically with large infrastructure projects such as the new Terminal 
Five at Heathrow or a new port.

Ms Barker will say today that the changing global economy means the whole 
context for business decision-making has changed and the planning system must 
reflect that.

She will also say that population growth and the impact of climate change and 
resource depletion will affect land use, so that the planning system must 
become more flexible and minimise uncertainty and delay.


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God, and with one another, that these things may abound."
(Edward Burroughs, 1659 - from 'Quaker Faith and Practice')

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