19Mar: London Sustainable Action Forum

mark at fefifofun.co.uk mark at fefifofun.co.uk
Mon Mar 13 15:53:53 GMT 2006

The next Sustainable Communities Action Forum is at 4pm on Sunday 19th March at the Square Social Centre, 21-22 Russell Square LONDON WC1 during the London Creative Forum.
Contact Mark from ASS for further info - 07977 280620

Creative Forum Particpants / things happening include:-

EcoAction Sustainable Communities Forum
<http://www.conscious-fashion.co.nr>The Conscious Fashion Week
<http://peace.fm>PeaceNotWar collective
<http://www.awtw.org>A World to Win
Caracas Trollparty
Art Not Oil
A new model for Housing Co-ops
WIKI webpages

Networking and Creating Friendships
Economic Change Discussions
Practical Activism
Positive Change

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