Pregnant squatter mum's homeless fears for kids

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Tue Oct 17 17:13:00 BST 2006

Pregnant squatter mum's homeless fears for kids

By Stephen Breen
15 October 2006 

A heavily-pregnant Belfast woman claims she will be forced to live on 
the streets.

Self-confessed squatter Brenda Hamilton hit out at the Housing 
Executive after they ordered her to leave a property at Spamount 
Street, in the New Lodge area of the city.

The mum-of-four, whose daughter, Niamh, suffers from heart problems, 
moved into a hostel last week with three of her children.

But the 29-year-old, whose baby is due in two months time, claims once 
her four-week stay at the hostel expires, she will be forced on to the 
streets because the Housing Executive refuses to find her a home.

Said Brenda: "The only reason I was stayed in Spamount Street is 
because the other property we were in was affected my daughter's 

"I have been staying at this house for two years, but I had no other 
option but to leave after the Housing Executive took action against 

"I had to go to the hostel but I will have to leave here when four 
weeks are up. The executive have already told me they don't think they 
will be able to get me a house.

"I don't want to live on the streets, but I have nowhere else to go."

She added: "All I want is a home for my children and my new baby.

"There have been other squatters in the New Lodge who have been 
allowed to remain in the area.

"I know I owe money, but it's hard for me to pay it back because I am 

Brenda has also raised her plight with local politicians.

A Housing Executive spokeswoman denied they were forcing the mum-of-
four to live on the streets.

She said: "In spite of the courts telling Brenda she had to pay for 
her rent at her previous dwelling, she refused to do so.

"The eviction has been arranged because she squatted in another 
property and she has been taken through the homeless procedures."

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