Meet local walkers/take up the Ramblers' challenge

Gerrard Winstanley office at
Wed Sep 6 13:44:10 BST 2006

The Challenge

Take part in the Use Your Paths Challenge - to walk all the public 
rights of way in England and Wales by September 2007. It's the 
biggest-ever walking project in the UK!
Anyone can join in - as individuals or as part of a group:

1.	Choose a grid square (or squares) to walk. You'll find the 
national grid on most maps

2.	Walk all the public rights of way (see the map key for 
information) in your chosen square(s)

3.	Report any problems you come across (obstructions, missing 
signposts etc) to the relevant council

4.	Submit your completed squares

And that's it - simple and fun!
More information on the challenge.

Progress So Far
Bright green indicates grid squares that have been completed, 
grey indicates where there are no recorded public rights of way


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