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Passing this on 
- Sharon Pollitt form Land Roots

>From: John Boshier <epfsolutions at googlemail.com>
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>To: sharon pollitt <coloursandcracks at hotmail.com>
>Subject: Possible Eco-Village Site
>Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2007 12:27:57 +0100
>Thank you for your recent interest in progress towards creating a new
>eco-village. I apologise for this rather impersonal e-mail, but I have a
>lot of people to contact and very little time. As you may recall, I was
>part of the SWESE group that bought Trelay Farm in North Cornwall, but I
>decided not to live there and am continuing the search for another site.
>I am sending this message to everyone who contacted me, but if it isn't
>of interest to you perhaps you would pass it on to anyone you know who
>may be interested.
>Yesterday I had a quick look at a farm near Launceston in North
>Cornwall. It has 40 acres and 2 houses with residential planning
>permission, plus a barn with planning permission to convert to holiday
>cottages. The former owners of the site spent a fortune on "doing it
>up", but a lot of the work was inappropriate and they fell foul of the
>planners, who have put an enforcement notice on it. Having read the
>details of what needs to be done I don't think it should be a barrier to
>buying the site. It was advertised at £1.3m over a year ago, and has now
>been reduced to £725,000. This makes it practical for a small group of
>people to buy it, which is why it is so attractive. With the money I can
>put in, it requires 2 further investors who have money available from
>the sale of their house (or several smaller investors) to stand a chance
>of securing the site.
>Although it would not be practical at this stage to plan a community as
>large as Trelay, The main farmhouse could easily be divided into 2
>homes, and possible more depending on who was interested in living
>there, and it seems a very affordable site compared to the many I looked
>at in the search for Trelay. I will be contacting the estate agents
>tomorrow to arrange a formal viewing.
>I have put the estate agents brochure and details of the planning
>enforcement in a PDF file that can be downloaded here:
>http://www.epfsolutions.org.uk/downloads/StenhillDetails.pdf . It is a
>large file at 5.26Mb, so will take some time to open.
>I have also put some photos here:
>. If that doesn't work try http://tinyurl.com/2lvhyu .
>If this interests you, especially if you have money available now to
>invest, please contact me ASAP. I suspect there will not be much time,
>so we need to move fast. Please e-mail me, or phone my mobile 07792 631354.
>I have been busy selling my house over the last month or two and have
>not had time to organise a new group, so all this is rather is being
>done in a rush I'm afraid. Over the next few weeks I will aim to get
>much better organised in the search for a new, and sustainable, home!
>John Boshier

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