7 shortlisted for England's 1st eco-village in Bristol

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Seven shortlisted for England's 'first eco-village'
Publisher:  Ian Morgan
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Shortlist announced for England's 'first eco-village'

Competition is strong to deliver English Partnerships' first
eco-village achieving Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, as
the national regeneration agency, reveals the seven developers
shortlisted to build a 150 home site in Bristol.

An evaluation panel made its selection based on developers who
demonstrated they understood, not only the aspirations of the Carbon
Challenge, but also the opportunities presented by the site with its
Grade II listed building.

Developers responded to a pre-qualifying questionnaire (PQQ) published
in June.

The shortlisted developers are:

Artisan H Ltd
Barratt Homes Ltd
Edward Ware Homes
Gleeson Homes Ltd
Places for People
Taylor Wimpey Ltd
Urban Splash (South-West) Ltd

Jayne Lomas, the Project Manager at English Partnerships responsible
for the Carbon Challenge, said: "We were extremely pleased with the
level of response to the PQQ and have chosen seven bidders who clearly
demonstrated how to address the dichotomy of achieving Code Level 6
housing together with skilled preservation work in the context of a
heritage building."

David Warburton, English Partnerships' Area Director for the South
West, said: "There is a wealth of talent and specialist knowledge
within the seven shortlisted companies and I am excited about the
prospect of working with one of them to deliver England's first Carbon
Challenge community in Bristol. We encourage those developers who did
not make this shortlist to bid for the second site in Peterborough
later this year."

The seven shortlisted candidates will now be invited to submit a more
substantive response to the detailed site brief issued by English

This will include a target of the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6,
which can be achieved by reducing carbon emissions, incorporating
features to reduce water usage and energy consumption, minimising
waste, and increasing biodiversity.

The Carbon Challenge also calls on developers to demonstrate that Code
Level 6 homes can be combined with cutting edge high quality building
design while remaining affordable and economically viable on a
commercial scale.

Hanham Hall – a 6.1 ha former hospital site in Bristol, owned by
English Partnerships – has been identified as the first site in the
country to be suitable for development under the agency's Carbon

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