UK Evictions - Parliament Square Peace Campers Evicted

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I hear Brian Haw is under threat. Could you get interested and show up
at the right time? I have no more info. It appears a fence is being
planed around him, and only one tent allowed......

The Gestapo are clearly rattled by a genuine movement which is building here. Done by the weasels pictured below while Londoners' campaigners are busy over at Heathrow.

UK Evictions-Peace Campers

Peace campaigners were evicted from camping on a green outside the British parliament Friday when their tents were taken down.

The Greater London Authority (GLA) erected a security fence around Parliament Square, saying it did not want the green to become an "illegal camp site."

But veteran peace campaigners, Brain Haw, who has been continuing a vigil against the Iraq war since 2001, is being allowed to stay after previous attempts to evict him were ruled illegal by the High Court.

The mass evictions come after there has been a sudden growth to 28 in the number of camps being set up on the green since parliament adjourned for its summer recess last month.

The GLA has complained that the illegal campers, which have included homeless people as well as anti-war protesters, created a public health hazard because of the lack of facilities.

"The mayor of London respects Brian Haw's peaceful protest but others have clearly overstepped the mark," a spokesman for Ken Livingstone said.

"If other people wish to camp in London, there are a number of locations with the appropriate facilities such as toilets and showers," the BBC quoted the spokesman saying.

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