Flood Plains and Land Banks

Peter Hack petercrispin at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Aug 23 09:56:25 BST 2007

Does anyone have a friendly MP who could put down a
Parliamentary Question?

Mine is Dawn Primarollo and she is nt very friendly..
PQ something on the lines of;

How large is the area of land on which planning permission has been granted and on which houses have not been built? Where are these plots of land and who owns them?

If we could draw up some UK based map detailing these areas and ownership I think this would be helpful

                     Peter Hack

One can manage flood plains if one designs water
holding areas for the eevnt of flood. this has been
actively done on the somerset levels for years, with
some sucess with flood waters coralled within
designated catchments (drainage board name eludes me).

If houses are raised on stilts or just tiled on the
ground floor and not plastered, one reduces flood
damage, if electricity is rooted around the ceiling
and not the floor with plugs dropping to waist height;
if furniture is easily moovable, carpets liftable.....
one can build on flood plains.... it just requires
design and thought.

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