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Housing plan comes under fire

Council leaders in South East England have said the government's 
housing plans are "in tatters" following a judgment by planning 
And the Conservatives accused the government of promoting 
"unsustainable urban sprawl" through its bid to boost house-building.
An independent panel appointed by the government has reported on the 
development strategy for the South East.
It recommended an increase in the overall levels of housing to 32,000 
a year, with a total of 640,160 over the period between 2006 and 2026.
That figure was more than the 28,900 a year being proposed by the 
regional assembly, but falls short of the 38,000 a year needed to meet 
the government's national targets,
The inspectors said they could not accept that "the national objective 
of providing housing opportunities for 'everyone' is feasible".
They warned that "it is not simply a case of building our way out of 
the affordability crisis".
"We cannot say whether there would be any discernible benefit at the 
regional level on affordability from our recommended increase in 
housing levels," they added.
Responding to the news, shadow planning minister Jacqui Lait said: 
"Gordon Brown's empty promise that he would protect the green belt has 
been exposed to be worthless.
"His own government officials are planning to let rip with the 
concrete mixer and add to unsustainable urban sprawl.
"Labour's policies are only going to deliver sprawling housing 
estates, without proper infrastructure, much of it on flood plains.
"Local residents will be powerless to stop the unelected bureaucrats 
building the sink estates of the 21st century."
And Henry Smith, chairman of the South East County Leaders, said that 
plans "are in tatters after the government's own planning inspectors 
rejected them".
"This is a victory for the South East, as inspectors endorse our 
considered response to housing pressures and throw out the 
government's impetuous and ill-thought-out intervention," he added.
"If the prime minister really wants to help families get onto the 
property ladder, he will have to follow the advice of his own planning 
inspectors and work with the South East County Leaders to help us 
safeguard our unique environment and provide timely and adequate 
investment to make the new homes places that families will really want 
to live."
A spokesman for Department for Communities and Local Government said 
the report was "about the regional assembly's own plan for the South 
East not the government's national target for new homes".
"The independent report only takes into account policy up to the end 
of March 2007, this predates our policy development in the housing 
green paper including eco-towns, and we understand that the report 
makes this crystal clear."

Google News aggregator on today's housing story

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