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Ooo that brings back memories. Thats all some of us do these days...nostalgia and hearing about old colleagues that have passed on.
Some of us wrinklies have started a series of events to celebrate some of the Digger activities of 40 years ago.
The part I am involved in is resurrecting the old Broadgategnome record label.(with the wonders of modern technology)
We have the first Cd due out now with a wonderful song about Captain Swing     (WWW.BROADGATEGNOME.COM/JAMROOM) or you can here it on http://www.myspace.com/retrocovfromthebroadgategnome   please do have a listen 

But we are looking for other previously unreleased legacy music from those times , especially those with a message of activism for future releases, as we are planning to keep going until we run out of money ( probably 12 months away ) but at least we will have created an accessible archive of many inspiring songs.
If it only gets one more person to think clearly it will have worked.
So if any one has got any suggestions or even some old tapes in the attic, let us know


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  Leon Rosselson with his song, The World Turned Upside Down - about The
  Diggers - with a nice plug to TLIO's action on St George's Hill in 199 in
  the intro if you listen


  Ref: http://www.leonrosselson.co.uk/profile.html

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