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The Land  issue 4 is out now. The contents page is reproduced below.  
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The Land Issue No 4, Winter 2007-8

The Rising Cost of Housing . . . and of Land 	4

A Letter from Kevin Cahill author of Who Owns the World.	6
Papers for Paupers Robert Home and Hilary Lim assess whether land- 
titling will lift squatters and settlers from poverty.	7
Why Poor People are Evicted from their Homes A swift round-the-world  
survey. 	11
The Ministry of Housing Crisis The French respond to rising house  
prices in the spirit of 1968. 	12
Has Anyone Seen My Planet? asks Geonomist. 	13

The FAO’s Long Shadow The claim that livestock cause 18% of global  
warming is exaggerated, says Simon Fairlie.	14
Out of the Frying Pan A Nobel prize-winner claims that N2O emissions  
from biofuel outweigh carbon emission savings.	16
A View from the South. Some observations from Third World Resurgence  
on the spread of biofuels. 	17
Can Britain Feed Itself? And can we feed ourselves with organic  
agriculture?. Simon Fairlie investigates.	19
Can Organic Agriculture Feed the World? What direction should the  
organic movement take if it can’t?	26
Cashing in on Organics Christina Ballinger examines whether the  
organic boom is benefiting small farmers.	27
Grumbles from the Grassroots. Jyoti Fernandes raises questions about  
organic certification; Francis Blake responds.	29
The Richness of Nature Dave Bangs visits a rewilded farm which  
doubles up as a playground for the wealthy.	31
Imperial Takeover Mark Brown, Rebecca Laughton, and Sean Furey  
explain how Wye College was asset-stripped.	32
The Scandal of Agricultural Tied Dwellings Why is this loophole for  
speculators allowed to continue?	36


Write Your Own Low Impact Policy Chapter 7’s submission to W Dorset  
local development framework.	42
A Home for LID in Wales Is there a place for low impact policies in  
Welsh planning guidance? asks Mark Dyson	44	
The Car and the Countryside James Shorten on why rural living is  
regarded as unsustainable. 	46
Mr Urbs and Mr Rus Which is more sustainable, the town or the  
country? It depends who you are and what you want. 	47
Two Cheers for Sherford Tim Gorringe thinks planners have got some  
things right with a new town near Plymouth 	48
Affordable Housing Policy Relaxed Are there changes in the rural  
exception site policy?	49
Small is Visionary The German planning system favours green self- 
builders, report Brian and Sibylle Rushbridge.	50

No Place for the Old Three examples of the planning system  
victimizing aging smallholders	52
Sustainability Brings Victory for Keveral Farm and Land Matters . 	53  
Ecological Footprinting DEFRA is reluctant to adopt it. 	55
Hill Holt Wood Five woodland homes deemed to conform to the “Country  
House Policy”.	57
Whither Policy 52? Three applications have been made under Pembs Low  
Impact Policy, and three have been refused.	58

How to Live Off Grid: by Nick Rosen, reviewed by Tony Wrench.	60
Ecovillage: New Frontiers for Sustainability by Jonathan Dawson,  
reviewed by Molly Scott Cato.	61
Natural Building by Tom Woolley.	61


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