National Day Of Action in Holland Fighting Anti-Squatting Legislation

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Tue Dec 18 20:49:25 GMT 2007

National Day Of Action in Holland Fighting Anti-Squatting Legislation

Squatting groups across the Netherlands are up in arms about newly 
proposed anti-squatting legislation. The 'ban on squatting' would make 
an end to the country's long and rich tradition of the creation of 
free spaces. This is the english version of the timeline of the 
actions today (Saturday 15th December).

Eviction in Amsterdam, October 2007 

The Dutch government has been discussing a ban squatting since 2003, 
but have failed at various times. Read previous article on

Now proposed for the 3rd time, squatters across the country are taking 
action today to avert the proposals. Many squats have opened their 
doors to the public and give guided tours for those curious 

Listen to: open radio stream

Dutch Updates and photos: see

English Updates:

17.05 Rotterdam - Activists of the squatters campaign group 
'Woonstrijd' have occupied a property on the `s Gravendijkwal (no 81A)
. Besides the occupation, various banners were dropped from (former) 
squats in the city and activities and guided tours are planned at the 
Poortgebouw and at the squat on the Zwaerdekroonstraat 62a.

16.23 Deventer - The occupied 'Vort Dracula' opened its doors today 
and had over 100 people coming through to take part in guided tours. 6 
squats were open to the public across the city. Various folk from the 
national press were present in the morning. Also see previous timeline 
entry at 14.02.

15.17 Dordrecht - The activities in Dordrecht are now finished. The 
doors of the newly occupied house on the Vrieseweg 80 were opened up 
to the public and the local Food Not Bombs group handed out free food 
and leaflets in the city centre.

15:00 Den Bosch - A new infoshop has been opened in an occupied shop 
front. The police are still intending on evicting it, and the 
squatters have started court proceedings to avert this. The rest of 
the day of action has been hailed as a success, with well attended 
guided tours around the city and good responses from those doing their 
christmas shopping.

14.13 Hilversum - An empty and derelict petrol station has been 
occupied since early this morning. Owned by the council, it has been 
left abandoned for over 8 years. Due to financial mis-planning and 
resistance from people in the area the demolishion of the petrol 
station has been severely delayed. The location of the new squat is of 
historical importance as it is the exact spot of the old train station 
on the Amsterdam-Laren line. The police have come by to check out the 
situation. Everything is calm now and free soup, coffee, tea and 
leaflets are being handed out.

14.02 Deventer - An alternative 'Dickens day' has been organised in 
response to the 'Dickens day' taking place in the city. A group of 
dressed up children with horses have arrived at the squatted Q8 
terrain. Guided tours are taking place and there is a small exhibition 
on the squatting history of the city is on display.

12.25 Haarlem - Last night various banners were dropped from squats in 
Haarlem. The guided tours have started and the press is persent also.

11.57 Zwolle - At 9.30 this morning a group of people have occupied 
the water tower on the 'Turfmarkt'. The police came to check out the 
situation, but everything is calm. A banner was dropped saying: "stop 
the squatting-ban".

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