Campaign in Europe / Right to the City, Housing and Land 07 - 08

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Thu Jul 19 00:51:10 BST 2007

Dear all ,

at the occasion of the G8 protests and alternative events in Rostock in 
June , some No Vox, HIC and activists from affiliated organizations and 
movements from Belgium, Brazil, Britain, Iran, Catalonia, France, 
Ireland, Germany, India,US, Japan, Portugal and Switzerland met to 
discuss European and international housing and land struggles.

In a participatory process participants proposed action for the concrete 
realization of the right to housing, cities and land :

- against forced evictions of peoples’ settlements, squats and social 
- against real estate speculation and real estate violence;
- against commodification and privatisation of housing , land and services,

- for the collective recuperation of vacant housing settlements 
including land and social centres,
- for the promotion of alternative self controlled solutions for housing 
the homeless.

We are in the process of preparing an European & International campaign 
between October 2007 (world Habitat Day)
and January 2008 ( World Social Forum’s Global Day of Action January 26, 
2008 )

Are you interested in :

- Organize an action, a meeting, a conference in your city, region or 
neighborhood according to your local priorities.
- Tell your allies around the world about your plans, your action, it's 
reasons, goals and targets.
- Inspire others and let you be inspired by examples and experiences 
around the world.
- Discuss international demands, goals, targets and improved methods for 
the globalisation of local struggles.
- Help to communicate the forms and contents of decentralized action to 
the global levels. Make our parallel action more visible.
- Promote the idea of the campaign.

Additionally in Europe, with International echoes , we propose to extend 
the campaign until the world real estate fair MIPIM in Cannes which will take place March 11-14.
The MIPIM, is know as the world’s premier real estate summit :
This would allow us to focus the campaign on broad international 
mobilization for protests and alternative events at this occasion.

If you are interested to help an support us in the preparation of this 
campaign please join our dedicated list server :

Campaign07-08 -- Preparation of housing- and land-rights campaign Oct 07 
- March 08

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