Lamas Project Needs Support

Darren Hill mail at
Wed Jul 25 12:19:44 BST 2007

Just noticed this and thought that people here might lend support


"We have just learnt that the local Community Council are lobbying the 
planners to refuse permission for the project.
This alongside the letters of opposition from local people is 
challenging the prospects of us getting planning permission for the 
low-impact settlement.
Suprising as it is when climate change and sustainability are so high on 
the political agenda. We are offering not only a carbon-neutral housing 
model but a carbon-neutral livelihood model as well. And yet it would 
seem that perhaps we are challenging the status quo in some way.
Please help us to balance this situation by writing letters of support 
for the project. This can be done by hand (see previous article) or 
electronically by clicking : 


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