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GOVT: Planning for a Sustainable Future: White Paper

The White Paper sets out our detailed proposals for reform of the 
planning system, building on Kate Barker's recommendations for 
improving the speed, responsiveness and efficiency in land use 
planning, and taking forward Kate Barker's and Rod Eddington's 
proposals for reform of major infrastructure planning. 

It proposes reforms on how we take decisions on nationally 
significant infrastructure projects - including energy, waste, waste-
water and transport - responding to the challenges of economic 
globalisation and climate change.

It also proposes further reforms to the Town and Country Planning 
system, building on the recent improvements to make it more 
efficient and more responsive.

The White Paper asks a range of questions about our proposals, which 
are brought together in Annex A of the White Paper. They are also 
available as a separate consultation document.
We are very interested to hear views. Please send your response no 
later than 17 August 2007.

The Planning White Paper (1.4Mb) is available to download.

The separate Chapters and Annexes have also been made available 
individually for ease of printing.

A summary of the White Paper is also available from this link.

What's going on
Major new developments including nuclear power stations and airport 
runways could be forced through as part of a major overhaul of 
The Government's new Planning White Paper will give pre-approval to 
major developments and stop you from having a say. Protect your 
rights and local voice in planning.

The Planning White Paper proposes to: 

Streamline major projects
- Like nuclear power stations, airports, major roads and large 

Stop you from having a say
- By removing your right to be heard in Public Inquiries and local 

Destroy local shops
- By removing the retail need test for supermarket applications. 
The new developments will lead to a major increase in carbon dioxide 
emissions - putting these plans at odds with the Government's aim to 
tackle climate change.

By removing your rights to have a say in some vital ways, the 
Planning White Paper threatens to dismantle the key checks and 
balances that the planning system offers.

 Sustainable development is being stripped apart to benefit big 
business. These proposals are bad for people, bad for democracy and 
bad for the environment.

Tom Picken, Planning Coordinator, Friends of the Earth 

How the Planning White Paper affects Wales and Northern Ireland
Major projects such as nuclear power stations, nuclear waste sites 
and other big energy projects will be applied UK wide, while 
airports, major roads and large waste incinerators will be applied 
to England only.

Protect your rights and local voice in planning - please take our 
quick online action to respond to this consultation.

What Friends of the Earth is doing >

Planning for a Sustainable Future: Consultation
Publication title: Planning for a Sustainable Future: Consultation
Audience: Local planning authorities, Planning professionals and 
users of the planning system
Consultation period: 21 May 2007 to 17 August 2007
Product code: 07 HC 04629/b
Price: Free

On 21 May 2007, the Government published the Planning White Paper, 
Planning for a Sustainable Future. The White Paper sets out an 
ambitious programme of proposed reforms to the planning system to be 
taken forward in the next three years. These reforms will, for the 
first time, embrace all development consent regimes, including those 
for major energy, water, transport and waste development, as well as 
the town and country planning system.

This consultation document asks questions on a number of the key 
proposals contained in the White Paper and other issues on which we 
wish to seek your views.

The Government invites your comments. Please send your response no 
later than 17 August 2007.

Email responses are preferred. If you are replying by email please 
include the words consultation response in the subject or title. 
These and any queries can be sent to 
planningreformconsultation at

Alternatively, postal responses can be sent to the following address:

Planning Reform Team
Communities and Local Government
Zone 3/J2
Eland House
Bressenden Place
London SW1E 5DU
Fax: 020 7944 3919

The telephone number for queries is 020 7944 6511.

This publication is available free of charge from Communities and 
Local Government Publications, PO Box 236, Wetherby LS23 7NB. Tel: 
0870 1226 236, fax: 0870 1226 237, textphone: 0870 1207 405, email: 
communities at Please quote the product code when ordering. 
Delivery will be 5 to 7 days from receipt of order. A maximum 
quantity restriction may apply.

Alternative formats under Disability Discrimination Act (DDA): if 
you require this publication in an alternative format (eg Braille or 
audio) please email alternativeformats at 
quoting the title and product code/ISBN of the publication, and your 
address and telephone number.

Planning for a Sustainable Future: Consultation (PDF 144 Kb) 
Consultation period 21 May 2007 to 17 August 2007.

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