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Thu Mar 1 09:53:10 GMT 2007

Dear Friends and Supporters of the campaign to make the South Downs a
National Park,

As many of you will know, we have supported the creation of a South Downs
National Park since it was first announced, and following the protracted
debate and Public Inquiry we are still hopeful the Downs will get National
Park status and the protection from development the status will give.

However there are powerful forces still against the Park including West
Sussex County Council, the same council that allocated the Titnore Woods
area suitable for development and who also objected to the Parks boundary
coming further down Titnore Lane - a move that might have protected more
of the Woods.

We are therefore asking you to read the note below from our friends at the
South Downs Campaign and register a YES to the Park on the website as they
suggest. We also support the idea of forwarding this mail to everyone you
know asking them also to vote Yes to the Park.

Best wishes


Dear All,

Ahead of our appearance on the Politics Show this Sunday, the BBC is
running an online poll on whether there should be a South Downs National
Park.  If you click on the link below and scroll down to near the bottom
of the page, there is a small bluish box asking you to vote on the South
Downs National Park.  Please cast your vote and ask your group members,
family and friends to do so too.  At present the poll is mildly in favour
of a National Park, but only 53 votes have been cast so far.

It would be good to have a resounding yes vote, particularly since West
Sussex County Council's leader, Henry Smith will be appearing on the show

Many thanks,

Chris Todd
Campaign Officer
South Downs Campaign
A Network of over 100 organisations working for the best possible National
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Tel:  01273 563358
Fax:  01273 553044
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Email: sdownscampaign at

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