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On Fri, Mar 02, 2007 at 07:43:21PM +0000, Paul Mobbs wrote:
> Martin Durkin, illuminati of the revolutionary communists who
> fell off the one end of the political spectrum and ended up
> on the far right, has excelled himself yet again!
> After distorting science in order to make his series of
> "Against Nature" programmes (I think he had an ITC ruling
> against him for that, and C4 had to apologise on air)

Martin Durkin followed the line of the now defunct "LM"
(formerly "Living Marxism"). LM had lots of connections with
extreme right wing organisations but it bit the dust after
losing a libel action brought by ITN. George Monbiot wrote
an article titled "Far Left or Far Right? Living Marxism's
Interesting Allegiances" which was published in the November
1998 issue of Prospect Magazine:


Quoting from this article:

| The assistant producer of Against Nature, Eve Kaye, was one of the
| principal coordinators of the RCP/LM. The director, Martin Durkin,
| describes himself as a Marxist, denies any link with LM, but
| precisely follows its line in argument. The series starred Frank
| Furedi, previously known as Frank Richards, LM's regular columnist
| and most influential thinker, and John Gillott, LM's science
| correspondent, both billed as independent experts. Line by line,
| point by point, Against Nature followed the agenda laid down by LM:
| that greens are not radicals, but doom-mongering imperialists; that
| global warming is nothing to worry about; that "sustainable development"
| is a conspiracy against people; while germline gene therapy and human
| cloning will liberate humanity from nature. The Independent Television
| Commission, reviewing Against Nature in response to hundreds of
| complaints, handed down one of the most damning rulings it has ever
| made: the programme makers "distorted by selective editing" the views
| of the environmentalists they interviewed and "misled" them about the
| "content and purpose of the programmes when they agreed to take part."
| Channel 4 was forced to make a humiliating prime time apology.


Ian Gregory

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